I'm pleased that you have chosen to fill out the application form in order to be considered for recruitment into our ranks. First, I would like to let you in on some background of the Free Company. We originally were on Phoenix (EU) where the name was Go Home Bro <GHB>. We quickly had claimed the rank of 2nd on the server for progression behind ShinRa, all while being a very laid-back and casual progression FC. During server transfers, we came to Exodus where we call home now. We knew ahead of time that our rank would be pushed back due to more high quality and octane Free Company's being present; kudos to them.

What we strive for is having a hardcore mindset to figure out mechanics and what works best for our teams, but be very casual and care-free. All of us have lives outside of the game and are very understanding that real life ALWAYS comes first. So if you enjoy laughing and having absolute fun, but still downing content at a regular interval, then please, feel free to fill out the form and submit it, we would be more than happy to review your application to see if you fit our needs.

Arie Valarian <AoE> GM
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